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One of the greatest lessons I learned about art
was during my freshman year at the Academy of Art as a young artist. 
I was not confident in my abilities and had a tendency to overwork my art, furthermore never knowing when I was done.  
One of my professors Henry Chan pulled me aside one day and told me how to stop.  He explained that in time, I would develop enough self-knowledge to know when I was done with the art,
rather than when the art was done.  He instructed, I should churn out as much work as I could, instead of trying to perfect the piece I'm working on now in addition I should move on and
put that energy into starting a new project (practice makes perfect, after all).  I think his view was that unfinished art was preferable to art that was taken too far and that interesting things were hidden in the imperfections.
Selfportrait by the Railroad of Andy H. Tu

Andy H. Tu

Creative, accomplished, bilingual Photography Producer respected for providing top-tier photography, editing, and production for high-profile clients and a wide array of industries. Sought for broad expertise across fashion, boudoir, real estate, visual composition principles, social media, digital marketing, and much more. Builds and maintains lasting relationships, driving client engagement and efficient content development in COVID markets. Out-of-the-box thinker who offers innovative ideas, efficiently manages budgets, and consistently achieves best-in-class results..
It was wise advice and as 18 year olds do, I ignored it. 

As a result, I spent many more years perfecting and thus  destroying my own work before coming around to his point of view.  I will still have not fully learned this lesson, as some may have noticed.  I have been messing around with the look of my website as well as revising and rewriting posts days after I've published them.

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I have been many things in my career as an artist.  Because as an artist, we are often told to take every opportunity that comes our way.  I would say this applies to any career paths or life choices.  You never know what opportunities are looming around the corner and what connections you will find that will lead you to future opportunities.  All we could do is keep learning until hard work finds luck.
But, sometimes, it's less about saying "yes" and more about knowing what's ok to give up.
I started my career in the Film industry working as a freelance Visual Effects Artist working on films like The Last Samurai.  I eventually stumbled into the videogame industry as an environment artist helping build and conceptualize levels.   I paused my career as a creature developer taking a long mental break from the industry until I found myself in love with photography, creating art with people I don't know while meeting more and more that I don't know and love being around.  I followed the white rabbit and it lead me down the hole.  Now I am not only diverse in art, but I am also a seasoned entrepreneur, learning to market my work and develop multiple business'.

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