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Captain Marvel vs Ms Marvel | What’s the difference ? | Cosplay

December 27, 2018
Ms Marvel's burning fist in an Apocalyptic City

The origin of Ms Marvel starts off with Mar-Vell, who was a member of the Kree. His origin story is very much like Superman’s because they’re both about super powered beings who struggled with the identity of being an alien and both heroes lived on earth and develop compassion for the human species. Being a fitness photographer, I wanted to introduce super heroes cosplay as a theme to our photo shoot with Lisa and what better super heroine…

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The Sleeping Beauty Boudoir model in black lingerie on a wood platform no where.
Boudoir Boudoir Photography Photo of the Day

The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty is the twin sister of Death, they're the children of the personified Gods of Darkness and Night.  Sleep has always been associated with death.  It seems like a peaceful and almost beautiful way to pass. Sleeping Beauty like so many fairy tales…

November 27, 2018
Boudoir Fitness Photography Photo of the Day

Step Outside

Step outside, no matter where you are and then observe the world around you with all five senses.  Breathe deeply.  Feel alive. Look at the sky and know that beauty still exists. It always will as long as someone takes the time to notice…

December 27, 2017