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Where do our Boundaries Lie ? | Fit like Erin

December 27, 2017

Where do Boundaries Lie?
| Walk in the Park with Erin |


Where do our boundaries lie?  We’ve toppled scores of world records over the past few decades, but how much more progress can we make?


No matter how we enhance our natural capabilities, our potential is bound by certain scientific principles, laws of physics,  biomechanics and thermodynamics that don’t yield to human ambition. 



People reach crazy limitations sometimes and at age 41, Erin looks like she can still outrun and out last many people younger than her age.  Defying gravity, extending youth to later years.  How high can you jump Erin?

At what age did you stop growing taller? 


The average age when the human body reaches its full height varies. Our boundaries end when we die, but I often wonder at what age most leaders quit growing.

Leaders never get to the point where their influence has maxed out because they always have unreached potential waiting to be fulfilled.


In leadership, how far you grow depends on how much you want to grow.  Unlike physical stats that was god given to us, we can control what we  absorb. 

Rarely do we lack access to knowledge that can level us up into Super Saiyan status.  Pushing us to never before seen levels of power found in comic books. 


“Having Super Saiyan Powers is fun, it makes me smile.” – Erin

Of course though, just knowing how to reach these untapped potential isn’t enough.  This is where I stop and pause and reflect upon myself.  I have plenty of room to still grow and so do you.  

We Rarely Lack Information 

Seldom do we lack access to information that can help us grow beyond our personal boundaries, but rarely do we apply the resources at our disposal. Put simply, knowing isn’t the same as growing.

Old age may happen automatically, but growth doesn’t necessarily come with experience.  To grow our potential, we must first throw away the trash that prevents us from moving forward. 


Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

To start, you must first stop thinking that failure is the end of the road.  Mistakes are inescapable realities that are part of our lives that teach us lessons we could never learn.  They’re stepping stones for growth. 

Time is always growing, if we don’t intend to take action while it moves, it becomes more difficult and improve the odds that we will never achieve what we intend to do. 

Once time is over, we can’t recapture it.  It is lost forever.  There’s no way to make up the personal growth we loss, but it is never too late to keep growing.  


Growth never stops. With a life full of possibilities, you have the potential to keep building on your progress and laying the foundation for your best self. Even if you’ve already achieved some of your goals, you can always do more and be better.

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Want to read more of what I just said?  Check out “The Laws of Growth” by John Maxwell

Paintbrush Was Nothing but a Brush

buff-blonde-in-white-dress-standing-on-a-tree-branch-on-white-canvas boundaries

Where do our Boundaries lie?

My paintbrush was nothing but a brush with an ironic name.  My canvas was empty.
All the paint stored up in the attic was all dried up. My canvas was empty.

Then I saw a color.

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