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Cinemagraph Photo | Zombie Invasion

December 26, 2017
Fox Fatale in an abandoned graffiti building

Cinemagraph Photo | Zombie Invasion

In honor of Halloween and The Walking Dead (which premiered tonight) I created a Cinemagraph photo. 

This year we wanted to do something different and a bit more raw, so we purchased the Zombie Invasion Projection from Atmos FX to create this cinemagraph below. 


We like how it turned out so much that we brought it to a whole new level with our own jazz.  Check it out here

This Cinemagraph Photo wasn’t planned and initially began as a regular shoot with an abandoned environment. 

Somethdark and abandoned and a sign of light leaking cinemagraph photoing was missing after editing the shot so we went on a short trip to fill in the missing void. 

While watching the Walking Dead, ideas began to brew and we wanted zombies in this shot to celebrate Halloween. 

Thanks to Atmos FX ‘s amazing zombie production, this static shot came to life. 

When we grow in production skills and budget, we can create our own set piece that will be more unique and exclusive.

Until then, enjoy this Halloween Special!


Happy Halloween!

Don’t forget to check out our updated Halloween Special on roids!





Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy Tu
Photo Assistant: Sinde Torres
Model: Fox Fatale

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