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Encouragement for Today

December 26, 2017
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Encouragement for Today | It Don’t Come Easy

Encouragement for Today. In my life, there are certainly things that have come easy.  I excel at the stuff I love fairly quickly.  I’m a quick learner. I played several sports and was pretty good at all of them. I was fast, agile, strong, and self reliant. For art, I picked up character development and sculpting fairly quick and I always had an eye for aesthetics.  I didn’t have to work too hard to come up with a concept. 

They just seem to come to me if I put in some effort.

lee adkins jr smilling with his hands in his pocket

Encouragement for Today – Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.

Although I’m half the size of everyone, for wrestling, kickboxing and basketball, I was stronger, faster and more technical than the other guy with more experience and twice my size.

I’m not trying to sound smug, so please hear me out, I’m merely trying to say that I haven’t had to work very hard for what I learned.  Things were easy for a long time and I didn’t need to work for anything. 

My school tuition was paid for through grants and scholarships.  All I needed to do was take the train there everyday.  

But I didn’t really understand how easy things came to me…until now.

Recently, I’ve embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that has taken me for quite a ride.

It’s one thing to talk about starting a business. It’s another thing to actually Do it.

This journey has had me sailing in uncharted waters. I’ve had later nights trying to finish projects and learn new things.  Things I was never good at or never thought I’d ever have to do.  Everything I had to learn, lead to new things I have to learn.  It became an endless branching work.

muscular male model in white tank top and denim jeans thinking

Encouragement for Today – We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action

In pursuit of this new business venture, I’ve had to face things I don’t think I’ve ever had to face before, particularly, things not coming easily.

On top of that, an enormous amount of doubt, insecurity and fear charge into my head space and trample on my thoughts daily.

And because this new venture isn’t something that comes naturally, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever embarked on.

Any day can be filled with an extravagant amount of energy and motivation, as well as a terrifying amount of fear and doubt and thoughts of quitting and thinking I’ll go no where with my life.

So why do I keep going? Why do I run after something I’ve never done before? Something unfamiliar that doesn’t come easily? Why do I stay up late and wake up early to pursue an idea that could completely and utterly FAIL?

Because there are people who believe in me.

I wish I could say it’s because of my own self-confidence or drive to succeed, but it was because of the people I’ve come in contact with over the years who have been amazing humans to me.

Lee Adkins Jr leaning against a wall in denim

Encouragement for Today – You Learn More From Failure Than From Success

But if it were left to me, I’d be delivering food for the rest of my life because I love the simple life and ignore all the difficult tasks. 

But because of my ending years of college, I started failing over and over, my anxiety worsened and one bad incident lead to another in a chain reaction of endless failures.  I still today have a hard time rebounding from all the  unfortunate events that ruled my twenties. 

Lee Adkins Jr in denim fitness shoot - Encouragement for Today

Encouragement for Today – Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today

Now that I’m older, just living the way I am now can’t help fix a lot of my problems.  My parents are getting older and are pretty much ready for retirement, I want freedom from the corporate  life so I can spend time with them and let them retire.  

fit guy posing against a wall in denim and converse

Encouragement for Today – The Vision Pulls You.

As a spouse, a parent, a boss, or a friend — you have no idea the amount of influence you might have on someone else.

Your encouragement and support could be the difference between starting a business or quitting a job, marrying that girl or breaking up with that girl, taking one’s life or choosing to give life another chance. 

Don’t underestimate the power of your words and support. They mean more than you probably will ever realize.

Who could you encourage today? Who could you speak life to that needs uplifting?

Who’s confidence could you bolster by simply saying, “I believe in you”?

My words today are inspired by Lee and his sister Toya who I recently met and worked with.  The man is always trying to help me and I greatly appreciate it.  His words of encouragement helps keep me rocking because he too have faced adversity.


Want to see Lee’s front Lever?  Check it out here!






Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy H. Tu
Photo Assistant: Sinde Torres
Athlete: Lee Adkins Jr.

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