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First Halloween Special | Dripping Blood and Zombie Slaying

December 27, 2017

First Halloween Special |
Dripping Blood & Zombie Slaying

In our first Halloween special, we slay zombies and drip their blood off the tip of our blade.

This is my first Halloween special I’ve ever done and I went all out with blood and gore.  It is one of the funnest shoots I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to do this again for many years to come.   

blonde girl with samurai sword slaying monsters First Halloween

In our First Halloween, we slayed weird looking monsters.

blonde girl unsheathing bloody samurai sword

In our First Halloween, we met a Bad Ass.

Unplanned Phenomenon

We didn’t plan this shoot off that well as it was kind of spontaneous and ended up becoming a two day shoot event. 

The zombies had to be done separately to save time and then composited. The make up was all done by my talented sister Sinde using prosthetics.

We had Lisa act out her part, getting attacked by monsters and she did it quite well.   She’s our version of Michonne from the Walking Dead.

On the 2nd day of the shoot, it was just the monsters and I planning an invasion.  We drove up to the abandoned bunkers after midnight and close to 2am in the morning. 

Fog was drowning the abandoned bunkers and the atmosphere was terrifying.

It looked like the night of the living dead.  A slight sound of rumbling in one of the dilapidated homes made us all run away in fear and end the night. But, we ended the night with all the shots we needed.


Night of the Living Dead Family.

Things are a bit rough right now as we are trying to slowly build  our business, but I am hoping to do this every year for Halloween. Before we leave, let’s end this with a little synopsis on this badass we know.

The Bad Ass We Know

There is nothing badass about carrying plates of weights around.
You’re a badass when your sword is dripping blood and you’re also a badass when the blood belongs to undead legions of zombies.
During our photo shoot, just minding our own business we heard grunting and tired groaning noises. I asked, “Lisa…do you hear that?” 

Lisa: What is it little man?
Me: Those grunting and groaning noises.
Lisa: Yes…I hear it, what about it?
Me: What is that?? I’m scurred! Save meh!
Lisa: It’s just a legion of zombies behind you that is about to pop open your skull and eat your brains.
Me: I only have one brain.
Lisa: You’re about to have no brain.


Lisa for whatever reason brought a sword to the photo shoot, pulled it out, lunged towards me with an outward swipe of her sword. “Off with your head!” As Lisa gasped for air, the severed head of the zombie tumbled down my shoulder. I was scared. I cried. Lisa slapped me.


Happy Halloween!
Lisa cleans up well, check out her fashion style.



Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy H. Tu
Photography Broski: Sinde Torres
Athlete: Lisa Marie Little

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