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The Girl Next Door | Growing Up

August 16, 2018
Portrait of a beautiful blonde in sunset


The Girl Next Door | Growing Up
with Lisa Marie


When you think of the girl next door, someone like Elisha Cuthbert as Danielle, in The Girl Next Door come to mind. 

Fit Lisa Marie in long sweater in the sunset.

I hate the winter, but the winter brings out some of the classiest outfits.

That sweet, all-American girl whose take on style is easy and approachable.  The girl next-door is the cute, fun, and drama-free girl who used to be “one of the guys,” but now the guys find her desirable. She’s got a natural sweetness about her that’s evident when she walks into the room.


If you want the the girl next door look, wear clothes that are both casual and attractive. Lisa has been looking cool, calm and collected at every turn.  


I hate the winter, but the winter brings out some of the classiest outfits.  Lisa’s long sweater skirt.  What do you even call it?   I prefer the warm days and time at the beach, but if we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.  If we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.   

Fit girl with strong legs, looking over her shoulder

Girl with strong legs and long boots and white sweater, leaning back in the sunset.


In high school

Long sweater girl in an abandoned place, kneeling down.

I hate the winter, but the winter brings out some of the classiest outfits.

By global standards, I lived in luxury — but perception of affluence is relative. Ours was the corner house. The turning point between highbrow professors and blue-collar workers. All struggling to get a GED. 
By the time I was 15, we’ve moved plenty times and robbed more than I could count in one hand.  It wasn’t uncommon to hear about gun shootings and gangs within a mile radius.  I inhabited two contrasting environments. At home, surrounded by the underprivileged, I felt privileged. At school, surrounded by the privileged, I felt underprivileged. A theory of relativity.

Long boot girl in skirts with a scarf at an abandoned building.

Woman on an indoor swing
My high school friends lived in areas I wouldn’t call the ghettos, but as time pass, you can might as well call it one.   I spent years sticking to our old leather couch at home because it was too dangerous to leave the house.  In High School, I grew ashamed of my neighborhood.  Kids punching and kicking each other  in my front yard during the day, at night drugs were being sold at the corner. 
Hell, at one point there were helicopters hovering over our roof.  We were awake, listening to the man they’re chasing run through our backyard. He tripped into the Koi pond that we built trying to evade the SWAT.  Life lived like this made the idea of the girl next door seem even dreamier because she didn’t exist in my world.  




Curvy pose blonde girlLife in College 

I’ve received many benefits from my education. I was fortunate to attend a university that stands for creative freedom. That’s what I thought.  After 6 years of Art School, the inevitable occurred. A lifetime of private American education distorted my sense of reality.
It’s no surprise that a university with a costly tuition might attract a wealthy student body. To live in such a population for 8 years can easily blind students to their own advantages — I know it blinded me.
Sometimes campus felt like a sea of designer boots. There were generous amount of beautiful girls and handsome guys who I’ve seen in movies. They walk around with flip phones, long coats and expensive sweaters that I felt were unreal.  A place where the young elite gathered to secure mansions and beachfront villas. On campus, “comfort” and “stability” were usually euphemisms for six- or seven-figure salaries. This place wasn’t for me, until I met the girl next door, dressed as casual as me with a very pleasant smile.
Girl on an indoor swing with boots
Today, the girl next door is still the cute, fun and drama-free girl who is still “one of the guys”.  The guys still find her desirable and she’s got that natural sweetness about her that’s evident when she walks into the roomAnd lifts weights.  


Pull Up at abandoned building

The girl that use to live  next door now spends a good amount of her time at the gym. 

She’s developed a sexy silhouette with strong legs and a fuller body from all the squats and shoulder presses she’s been doing.  It has made her more confident and sexier. 

Lifting weights has made her so strong, she’s ready to save the world from  Thanos. 

Proof right here.


Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy  H. Tu
Resilience by Sinde: Sinde T
Athlete: Lisa Marie
For Full Image Visit:


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