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December 24, 2017
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Introduction to Resilience

Introduction to Resilience.  I studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts for Visual Effects and animation.

I spent all of my career doing freelance work for some minor and major film studios, but really struggled looking for work. This inconsistency lead me back to school to obtain my Master in Art Education where I thought I’d obtain work as an Art Professor.


The problem with this idea is that all my life I’ve struggled with social anxiety.

I was afraid of being  around a lot of people, it made me an awkward person. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve improved upon my agoraphobia and learned to approach people. As the years gone by, kids growing up became more creative, it became a much more competitive field for finding work in the art industry.

I was a 3D Modeler and Visual Effects artist  by trade and the work was scarce.  I picked up a blue collared job for consistent pay and got too comfortable.  Somewhere along I picked up a camera and photography became a part of me.  It allowed me to see things in a different light.Without making this introduction too long, let me tell you what my passions are.Food, Fitness and Photography.This is what this blog is a bout.  I want you guys to learn what I learn, and for me to learn what you know.

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In this day and age, food is our culture.

We love to eat wonderful foods, take pictures of it. Food brings us all together.  People meet each other through food, they get engaged, get married and before you know it, have kids, eat too much and get out of shape and decide for New Years, they’re getting back in shape!

Fitness is one of the things some of us think about when we think about making changes in our lives, sometimes this leads to photography.  Some of us, when we look our best we want to document it.  Photography makes this fun for me.  I can remember people’s body, I can remember mine’s. My family is a family of non professional athletes.  I have a pretty  good understanding of fitness and nutrition and I love to explore the mechanics of human movements in kinesiology. Life is art.

This is what my blog is about…
Fitness, food, photography, life and the art of it all.   Pictures and Videos immortalizes our world.  And I share them with you. So follow me.

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