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Mitosis Model | Carly Ann Triplets

December 27, 2017
Carly Ann Triplets posing at doorway Black and White

Mitosis Model | Carly Ann Triplets

Mitosis Model with three Carly Anns.  A month ago I had a chance to work with triplets.  That’s right.  How many people out there can claim they’ve worked with three of the same girls at the same time? 

They all had the same name so it was a bit confusing when I tried to direct them by their name. They all kept responding so that was very confusing to me you Carly’s.  

I guess that was the down side to working with 3 like minded people, otherwise it felt 3 times as fun than usual. Thank you Carly’s for coming out to play.

Tattoo model with dreads framed in wooden borders

This is my first shoot with Carly and we’re already making Einstein art. 

Maybe we’re not blowing stuff up, but we’re gene splicing tripping our chances with model mitosis. 

Triplets are nice, so let’s talk 3’s

This is for the people who look at the world from a different perspective.  The ones who are restless and strive for change and challenge current thinking patterns, breaking existing barriers. It is for those who make the impossible possible. 

These are the people who most think are crazy but we call them passionate.  

Carly Ann Triplets posing at doorway

Mitosis Model – 3 Carly’s are better than 2 and 1

No More, No Less than Three

Girl with dreads hanging on the side of a building in her black leotard

Nothing more and nothing less, these are the three things we need to follow in life to be happy.

And whenever something doesn’t fit into one of these three categories you have to get rid of it. Or don’t do it. It will only distract you from what’s really important in your life.


Eliminate Unhappiness – Mitosis Model



1.Freedom to do and live wherever I want to



2.Eliminate everything that causes unhappiness




3.Make my life as smooth as possible



And whenever I have to decide whether or not I should do something, I take a look at that list. And then I act accordingly. 

Not one Carly, not two, but three Carly’s.  I hope you enjoy this little mitosis model post even though I might sound crazy to you. 

Tattoo model in dreads posing in the fog

More Carly?  Sure Why not.  Check more of her here!

Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy  H. Tu
Resilience by Sinde: Sinde T
Model: Carly Ann
For Full Image Visit:

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