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Captain Marvel vs Ms Marvel | What’s the difference ? | Cosplay

December 27, 2018
Ms Marvel's burning fist in an Apocalyptic City


Ms Marvel vs Captain Marvel

What’s the difference?


Captain Marvel, coming in March 2019.

Ms Marvel vs Captain Marvel


Ms Marvel, who is she?
Who is Captain Marvel?

What’s the difference?  Let’s  compare the two. It  starts with the Kree named, Mar-Vell.

Ms Marvel vs Captain Marvel is our third attempt at a cosplay photo shoot.  Designed by my team for the fitness athletes we work with, we wanted the cosplay design to show off some skin and muscle, therefor it needed to show off the hard work and grind Lisa had to put in, to build muscles.  Our design ended up looking more like Ms Marvel, so let’s try and compare the differences.

Mar-Vell from Earth's Mightiest Hero

Earth’s Mightiest Hero – Captain Mar-Vell #6

The origin of Ms Marvel starts off with Mar-Vell,

who was a member of the Kree.  His origin story is very much like Superman’s because they’re both about super powered beings who struggled with the identity of being an alien and both heroes lived on earth and develop compassion for the human species.  Being a fitness photographer, I wanted to introduce super heroes cosplay as a theme to our photo shoot with Lisa and what better super heroine than Ms Marvel?

Mar-Vell’s power, gathered from the sun grants him the ability of flight, 

but unlike Superman, Mar-Vell can project energy blasts from his hands. He was the love interest of Carol Danvers, who is now the current Captain Marvel.   On Earth, Mar-Vell and Danvers worked together on an Air Force base and in one of their stories, Danvers got captured by Yon-Rogg who is the arch villain of Mar-Vell.  


When trying to save Danvers, Mar-vell triggered a Kree Machine.

This event caused the Psyche-Magnitron to blow up and spread radiation, while in his attempt to cover Danvers, the radiation changed half her DNA, to Kree DNA. Captain Marvel was born, but before there was Captain Marvel, we first had Ms. Marvel. Both designs inspired our cosplay design.

Captain Marvel 2019 Movie Brie Olson

Captain Marvel 2019 Movie Brie Olson

Mar-Vell saves Carol Danvers

Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel – Volume 2

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers

Captain Marvel was Ms Marvel before she dawned the title of Captain.  After the death of Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers rose through the ranks as an Air Force Pilot and took the mantel of Captain Marvel.  Because of her radiation from the Kree Bomb, she developed super human powers like that of Superman’s, but the biggest difference between Captain Marvel vs Ms Marvel are their outfits.


Zombie Captain Marvel & Venom art by Ivan Dedov

Marvel Zombies by Resilience & Venom Concept Art  by Ivan Dedov

Ms Marvel flying off the g round with glowing fist. Cosplay Design by Sinde

Ms Marvel pose inspired by Sideshow Toy’s Premiums Format Figure


The original suit featured the trade mark red, blue and gold scheme and showed a lot of skin.  Her trade mark red sash outfit didn’t make an appearance until it was damage in battle. 

Ms Marvel’s synonymous black and gold suit, designed and helped by Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp) is a black one piece, which has long black boots and gloves that hugs her figure very tight. Across her torso is a yellow lightning bolt, broken up by a red sash around her waist, but this is not the current Captain Marvel look introduced into the MCU.  


Ms Marvel black and gold suit in original comics.

Ms Marvel black and gold suit in original comics.

This black one piece inspired us to re-create our own version of Captain Marvel.

This suit had a more sexy appeal and was better for showing off our fitness model’s shoulders and legs.

We are most familiar with Brie Larson’s version of Captain Marvel because of the “MCU”, but to be honest I wasn’t a big fan of it. Being a huge fan of comic books, I love my heroes to look as close to the counter part as possible. With that said, we think Marvel’s version is wonderful too and a lot more practical because the suit resembles a jet pilot’s outfit.  The jet pilot design is well suited to Danver’s because of her career in the Air Force.  


Captain Marvel Fan Art by theNerdPatrol

Captain Marvel Fan Art by theNerdPatrol

The outfit popularized in the comic books shares the essential design.

It features a blue body suit with red shoulders, gloves and boots and the most notable piece is the golden star on her chest, which is now the trade emblem of Captain Marvel. We designed our cosplay costume based off an amalgamation of all these designs, although we’re new to all this stuff, we’re proud of it and would love to keep learning!

Let us know what you think of Captain Marvel vs Ms Marvel’s suit vs our’s so that we can improve!


Ms Marvel , burning fists Cosplay

Lisa Marie as Ms Marvel with energy hands.

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The Many Costumes of Captain Marvel by Matthew Mueller
-The Difference  Between Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel Explained by David
-Venom Concept Art  by Ivan Dedov

Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy  H. Tu
Resilience by Sinde: Sinde T
Model: Lisa Marie
For Full Image Visit:

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