Our Mutual Friend


Do friends matter in life?

Yes friends matter in life. They are like the baking powder in your dough that lift you up when you are down.

But there are certain caveats I would like to point out. The number of high fives in your success may beat how many hands pull you up when you fall, and it is those hands which are worth living for. And yes the term ‘friends’ is overrated. Today it is the quantity of friends that most people are after, people often neglect the quality of friends. Choosing them wisely is important. Who would like diluted ingredients in their cake? Also while you choose the right person, it is equally important to get chosen in an equitable spirit. While they matter to you, you mattering to them seems to be more practical as you have people to tell your stuff, but how many to listen? It automatically serves people who just want to have a good time and people who are your friends in the right spirit. How many people come up to you with their smallest of problems and achievements? Well not many. So speaking of friendship, it very well matters if you have the right kind.

Choose wisely, choose few.

People you like and those who like you.

I may not have a lot of friends, or be super popular, but the friends I do have, I am fiercely loyal to.

-Andy H. Tu




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