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Step Outside

December 27, 2017

Step Outside | Experience Amazing


The world is amazing,
even if you’re full of tears and sadness,
open your eyes and Step Outside.

Our world is comprised of a vast array of bio diversity, geographic wonders, and mysteries galore. Not to mention all the tastes, sounds and other natural experiences a human being can ever imagine.


What’s Amazing out the Window?

The bigger question is why don’t we pay more attention to it?

One answer may be that we’ve been conditioned to focus on everything that’s wrong, which becomes magnified in our focusing on it.

Social problems, economic woes and the prospect of total annihilation are, inevitable.


Some of the trade offs that come from people and nations recognizing how glorious the world is and wanting to horde some piece of it for themselves.


I’d have to argue that the world remains an amazing place because it remains something we cherish and we all, believe is worth protecting.

No Matter Where You Are

Step outside, no matter where you are and then observe the world around you with all five senses.  Breathe deeply.  Feel alive. Look at the sky and know that beauty still exists. It always will as long as someone takes the time to notice it.

Step Outside, See the Amazing World

Step Outside and breathe the air.


There are moments when a small moment can bring a smile to our face, rather than the material things.

Smile because your smile makes everyone’s day much better.


You can go on an adventure and see new things that will be captured in your heart forever.  Your return back home after a tiring day and see someone back at  home, waiting for you so that you all have dinner together.  These are amazing.

Open your eyes.  Do what you want to do, and be who you want to be.  Use your lips to speak the truth, your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion.  If you want beautiful replies, speak beautiful words.  If you want to see beautiful things, just step outside.


Open your eyes and do what you want to do, and be who you want to be.


Thank you to our mystery model,
for stepping outside to find the sunshine even when there are no sunshine.  


Step Outside, even when there are no sunshine because it's an amazing world .

Step Outside, even when there are no sunshine because it’s an amazing world.


Friends matter in life, so Step Outside and make some friends.  


Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy  H. Tu
Resilience by Sinde: Sinde T
Mystery Model
For Full Image Visit:


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