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A Strong Woman

December 27, 2017
swedish girl with strong legs and booty on a wet log

A Strong Woman | A Resilient Person

What makes us strong? 

What makes a strong woman?  It`s very difficult for anyone.  Perhaps, you’ve always heard from your relatives or friends a very common phrase “Be strong!” But what does it mean to be a strong woman?  Being a strong woman is not about physical strength. 

swedish girl in denim, thinking on a wet log at the beach

“I can scream, I can yell.
But it won’t stop the voices in my head”

According to various Strong Women Quotes, strong women are independent, self-confident, purposeful. A strong woman has the resilience and the ability to adapt to life’s changes and crises.  

A Strong Woman is Resilient.

Swedish girl booty in denim and lingerieWe generally feel safest when we have a sense of control or predictability; but when we find ourselves upside down and not in control,

having the capacity to be resilient may be critical in weathering turmoil, and it may be the key to a healthy and productive life.

Becoming more resilient means we must be able to be healthy, have energy and cultivate positive feelings during the hardest and darkest of times.

When we can improve our problem-solving skills and cultivate the ability to see setbacks as opportunities, we can learn to successfully bounce back from stress, crises, and trauma.

We become resilient in order to overcome the many adversities we will face and so that we can bounce back from those problems with more determination and skills, which can lead to better problem solving in the future.

blonde girl in denim, posting for a photo shoot on a beach

“I can scream, I can yell.
But it won’t stop the voices in my head.
I can cry and be called weak,
But I’m the strongest person I know considering what I’ve been through.
I am strong and i need to believe that.
You are strong also, just believe.
Don’t worry about whats already happened, focus on whats happening now.
Love is the strongest feeling as people say,
but I say happiness finds you more then love could ever find you.
Be happy and stay strong.” – Stratford

Want to enter wonderland with Beatrice?  Chase down the White Rabbit.

Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy  H. Tu
Resilience by Sinde: Sinde T
Athlete: Beatrice H.
For Full Image Visit:

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