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The White Rabbit | Beatrice in Wonderland

August 1, 2018
Swedish girl in striped bikini overalls and butterfly ( The White Rabbit )

The White Rabbit |
                    Beatrice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland is a series of life lessons. The White Rabbit is a symbol of decisions in life.
Beatrice is Alice in our latest shoot because of the white and blue color outfit worn by Alice.
The muted color scheme, is inspired by Wes Anderson‘s muted pastels. He is the master of the washed-out, milky aesthetic, which ultimately gives a vintage,
nostalgic feeling as if audiences are walking through a fading memory. It is what I envisioned Lewis Caroll’s images would be if they were in colors. Adding to the theme are butterflies.

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls and a symbol of resurrection.
Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life which made this scene reminiscent of the lead-in to Alice in Wonderland, where Alice meets the White Rabbit.

The White Rabbit represented many life altering events and decisions symbolized in past mythology and modern cinema.

Follow the White Rabbit into Eden. Nude art with Beatrice.


Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland – Image found on

When talking about Alice in Wonderland,
you almost
always think about
“The White Rabbit” or “The Cheshire Cat,” 
which represents another point of view. 

Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland

Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland – Image found on

“We Know nothing and everything.  We are confused.”

I will discuss the cat another time.

Portrait of Beatrice in striped overalls lying on the grass

blonde girl with beautiful hair sitting in Eden in her stripe bikini overall

The White Rabbit is one of the richest
metaphors about life in philosophy. 

The rabbit is always running after time and always late, but regardless of how fast he runs, he will always be running late.

This symbolizes the human condition of being a prisoner of time. Day after day, you’re bound to lose the fight against the passing of time. We all end up meeting death when time runs out.



The White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Movie

The White Rabbit is always in a hurry. Image found on

The eager appearance of the White Rabbit is symbolism to the journey unknown we are now entering. A journey that will carry us through path of our own fears for the quest of knowledge.
The White Rabbit is the great doubt that hot iron ball caught in your throat that you can’t swallow or cough up.  It’s the spiritual awakening that one must follow to the end that climax.

You cannot be late when you are already there.

The rabbit has a clock, but where is he going in such a hurry? 
He has an important date he must catch, but it is not about catching that date.  He intends for you to transcend time altogether.  The rabbit implies tension.  When it runs, we are being called to the great adventure. 
We either answer that call or we don’t and look away.  For those who decide to follow this cotton tail down the hole, their lives will never be the same again. 
Follow The White Rabbit to transcend the end of time together, but you cannot be late when you are already there.
swedish girl laying on a rock in black lingerieButteries around blonde girl in her black leotard

boudoir model lying in the garden in h er striped overall bikiniStory of Sysiphus

In the story of Sysiphus, the cunning yet deplorable king of Ephyr, he rolls a boulder up a hill everyday, but only to see it at the bottom again every night.  Having cheated death twice, the  Gods wanted to see him pay for his deception. 
As punishment for his guile, he was force to roll a large boulder up a steep hill as punishment.  Yet, the boulder is curse so that when it reached the top, it would roll back down again. 
The task is a connotation of fruitlessness and represented Sysiphus’ eternal punishment.
Beyond the physical meaning of being subject to time, this also symbolizes our incapacity to free our mind from our body. The impossibility to be a pure intellectual mind.
Beatrice looking over her shoulder at the garden of eden
However smart you are you’ll need to shit every day and won’t be able to think if you are sick or drunk. Like the rabbit, who’ll always be late no matter how fast he runs. We are bound to strive to superate the instincts and drives of our bodies, with no chance of ever succeeding.
The rabbit is submit to human imperatives such as punctuality, and has lost his ability to not care like a normal rabbit. Through our spirit we create the world in which we live in.

The Matrix Definition, starring Keanu Reeves

Have you guy’s seen “The Matrix” with Keanu Reeves?

Red or blue pill

Red or Blue Pill? Image found on

The Wachowski Brothers drew inspiration from our topic when they directed this movie. One of the most famous meme in cinematic history was the “Red Pill or the Blue Pill?. This symbolized the reality we choose to live in.
Should we ignore the rabbit, or do we keep on following?
While we grow through this, we create a new inescapable reality for ourselves.
Sword, Butterfly, and a blonde girl boudoir
You can remain blissful and ignorant, or evolve and grow, but you won’t be able to unlearn what you discovered in the process of growing. Innocence is a blessing you will never enjoy. You’ll be unaware of it as long as your mind is simple and unbounded by the intellectual world you will create for it.
As you evolve, the moment you reach awareness of this innocence is the moment you lose it, because it is not something you can intellectualize.
Innocence lies in the obliviousness of what innocence and consciousness are.
“We’re all mad here.” The Cheshire Cat says this to Alice in one of the most concise descriptions of the strange world down the rabbit hole. Unlike the world Alice left behind, “mad” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Here you should embrace a side of you that is quirky and unpredictable, and maybe when you get back to reality, you’ll want to take a little of that with you.


Free your mind and read, “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. “You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus


Photographer: Resilience Pictures by Andy H. Tu
Partner: Sinde T. Resilience by Sinde
Athlete: Beatrice H
Assistant: Justin McCarthy

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